Risk Response Strategies – Accept

There are situations when a Risk may happen in future but the Project Management team decides not act immediately. Let’s consider a scenario-

We often experienced that sometimes in a year, due to natural calamities, there is a disruptions in executing project work. Mainly affects the long term support  and maintenance project. No one from the project team is able to reach office or even networks also goes down.  What can be done?

The situation can be handled with different Risk Response Strategies. One of them is ACCEPT.

Risk response Accept

What is Risk Response Strategy – Accept?

It says simply ignore the situation. As it may or may not happen. Rather, action will be taken if this happens otherwise no action is required.

But also as a measure, it is good to prepare some contingency plan, that will help in case the situation occurs.

in our case, critical resource can be identified and they can be given Laptop and dongle. That will allow them to keep the support and in turn the service running as they can work from home and using the dongle can connect to network.

Whatever be the risk responses planned, it needs to be updated in the  Risk Register  and same also has to be shared with all the project stake holders.

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